Laboratory for Sustainable Future


Global sustainability is a daunting challenge for people living in new millennium.

To contribute to such a global issue, we, as synthetic chemists, develop new inorganic-organic hybrid materials
for energy applications.

These materials are based on porous metal-organic frameworks, emerging as a new class of hybrid materials, potentially
useful in many applications ranging from CO2 storage and utilization, sensors, to catalysis.

The research group led by Prof. Wonyoung Choe at UNIST focuses on multi-functional metal-organic frameworks, assembled from bio-macrocycles called porphyrins, achieve tailor-made solids for the desired functions.

What we do

  • Data Science for Porous Materials

  • Mechanical Metamaterials

  • Meta-Atoms and Metasurfaces

  • Designer Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sustainable Future

  • Emerging Properties from Metal-Organic Polyhedra

  • Semiconducting Metal-Organic Frameworks

  • New Approaches for Hydrogen Economy

  • Science, Art and Education Programs for Everyone

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